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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

let us help each other

Some of you may be aware that i’m currently in full throttle developing my photography skills. I’m doing it because it is my passion and i love capturing every moment in every image. I’m not turning myself into a photographer because i’m afraid that i will lose my conscious and my passion towards capturing every images.

In order for me to develop and strengthen my skills, i need to learn. In learning, and i’m very aware of it, it will not fall freely under the sky. I need some reference, guidance, lecturing and classes. I’m very much concern about the technical issues on how to capture different image in different condition. I can ask few of my photographer friends for some tips and technique but i can’t do that forever because they have developed their skill through classes etc, and it’s unfair to them for me to get from them for free unless they insist. I also need few lenses and gadgets and these things cost money!

So, i seek all of you, yes!-all friends of mine to help me in this matter. What you guys can do is, let me take your photos. But good things don’t come for free these days. If you are not my friend, you can help me too.

How will it work?

I have to charge and please take this into consideration; this fee is to help me. To be honest, i can’t work for free. For the price, we can negotiate for the best of both parties. And please do understand that i am no photographer (professional or amateur). I just an ordinary people who is very passionate in photography and i have no means (honestly) to become a photographer. I just want to develop those skills in perfecting every image that i’m capturing. When i’m fluent in every aspects of photography, of course you may ask for my service and from that point, i will charge you a minimal fee as a token of appreciation. Now, everyone can fly and my dream is ‘everyone can have a good photo’.

Some of you have seen my photos inside my facebook. So you can expect or figure out about my skills. If any of you may be satisfied with my work, than; we definitely can help each other. If you need a very professional photo to be captured by me, i’m sorry i can’t help you but i will introduce you to my professional photographer which is my friend(s).

If the location is nearby, it will be good or maybe i can suggest few locations. If you have specific location maybe you should consider the transportation cost or to save your budget, you can pick me up and take me with you. It will be much easier rite!

Before i give you the final product, i will present you with the draft copy. Once you agreed and approved my work, i will present the fully finished final product to you. If you disappointed with it (the draft copy), i will destroyed all the images that i took. If you have any doubt about me and my capabilities, well, it’s no use to have a session as we might wasting each other’s valuable time.

To those who haven’t seen my photos, i attached few pics here for you to evaluate. please do not hesitate to contact me via email: abg_bani@yahoo.com or you can message me through my facebook. I will able to help you help me, starting next week as this weekend, Alhamdulillah, god willing few of my friends and relatives want me to take their images and syukur, god bless them, it’s not a ‘charity’ work for them. I see this as a good sign for the almighty.

I would like to thank you in advance if you decided to help me. And also i would like to thank all of my friends who has given me their fully support and also has required me to take their images long before i owned my camera.

Thank you.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Not your average garage

I’m so glad that my colleague kak ani shares the same quality with me when it comes to perfection. When i’m looking into stuffs such as clothes and gifts, no matter what the cost are, it’s the quality, design and its looks count the most. And of course, kak ani have excellent decision making in choosing stuffs that going to be appreciated.

She’s one of the fine lady who talk the talk and walk the walk. In conclusion for example, if you have fashion disaster or don’t know what to do with the item you buy as a gift, kak ani is there to save the day (trust me). And referring to this statement, It’s good to know, kak ani and her partner have opened a boutique which offers her talents. she’s so lucky her partner kak aiza posses equal quality as kak ani.

Recently, I wanted to give baby clothes to my friend and of course i bought it from kak ani and i even trust her to pick one pretty dress for me. She done it so well and she even throw me one idea which was to pack the dress as a gift which i never would think of how to do it. I agreed with her and as a token of appreciation, she sponsored me the packaging which i think it’s simple and brilliant!

The gratitude and happy expression from my friend when she received my gift was a Kodak moment. It shows that my gift is perfect. Once again thanks to kak ani and i hope she will excel in her business together with her partner.

Image Catcher

I always have passion towards taking beautiful photos and i appreciate and admire beautiful photos taken by others. I have been developing my skills and i'm proud of myself and some of my photos taken are appreciated by my friends and it really means the world to me. I am now trying to perfecting my skills and savings all cents and ringgits just to get me a decent camera.

few of my friends advised me to go for any classes available but i don't think there is a need. why? because i don't want to be influenced by others. i want all photos taken by me portrays the most natural condition and it tell stories. I will edit all my photos using normal editing process such as brightness, contrast, blur etc but totally no fancy photoshop editing. why? because i want it to be natural and not kind of fake beauty in my photos. Few photographers that i know feeling the same way too because they are afraid that i lost my ‘touch’ in every photos. That's why i dont want to go to any photography classes. the one class that i wanna go is the want that teach me how to use the camera setting efficiently in order to capture every images in its natural condition and environment.

frankly, i dont want to be called a photographer because a photographer is a professional and amateur people who dedicated fully themselves on photography as a profession or hobby, while i just love to capture every images which have wonderful aspects in it. I would rather like to be called ‘Image Catcher’. Here are some photos which i’m very proud of.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

not kuih raya and not even duit raya (to me)

Before you read any further, please do not judge me based on this post.

Today, I received a nice thick mail consist of beautiful raya’s card from the Foot and Mouth Painting Artist Sdn. Bhd. I was so impressed with their beautiful paintings just using only their foot and mouth of course. And I did think what a great way to showcase and promote their talents.

As I read through the letter attached with the card, my mood was totally gone and I kind of shock. I was shocked with these sentences “Saya telah membuat keputusan akan membayar harga kad-kad yang diterima =rm33.00” and in another attached letter “anda juga tidak diwajibkan untuk membeli tetapi pembelian anda dapat menyara hidup kami”.

Aren’t this supposed to be the way of helping those really talented special people nowadays? Aren’t this is some sort like dirty marketing scheme toying with our sincere and kind heart? How about if this mail arrived to someone who really have a soft heart or a cruel and rude people.

To me, this latest marketing strategy is simply about persuasive and playing with our sympathy. If this company really genuinely wants to help its member, I think, what should they do is to advertise their work, send out pamphlets/brochure etc, put on a website or open a small stalls in any major supermarket. Not with this kind of trick.

I never purchased any raya’s card not because I am stingy or what so ever, it’s because since I’m working, my company always supplies me with enough free raya’s card. So why I should waste some money buying raya’s card. It’s part of me trying to save every single cents I could.

And if I do decided to take or not this special card, imagine the trouble I have to take. Have to go to the post office and as if like all of us going to the post office same as we are going to the shopping mall and god knows how I hate going to the post office because of their service and the long queue. At least, nowadays with internet banking, they should register with any online banking for easier payment.

I wonder who their marketing and promotion people. Don’t they suppose to have brilliant ideas if they do sincerely want to help this company? And should they think about the price. It’s RM4 for normal card size? It’s expensive. It’s printed for god sake and it’s not handmade.

So, if any of you guys want to purchase these cards, please do let me know. And if no one interested within a week, then sadly I have to return them back. Not because I don’t want to help them or any people who indeed need helps, it’s simply because I don’t need these cards. I know my part and I have done my part.

I wonder from where they get my full name and full address. To me, it’s kind of invading my privacy because I never signed up on any promotional mail that I don’t want to.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

please forgive me

i have been abandoned my own blog since i have been actively online in facebook. i do rindu rinduan to my blog and my so called lovely readers but what to do, all my updates and my stories has been featured in my blog.

so today, since no more facebook in da office, i will berkampung again in here and hoping that you guys still willing to haunt my blog.

Monday, June 29, 2009

moga tuhan membalas

last sunday, i was up at 12noon and my raging tummy urgently need to be fed. i have eaten all kind of wonder foods for the past week so i kinda in puzzle on what i'm going to have that afternoon. resulting from my laziness to venture out more than 500m from my home, i decided to have pasembur from the nearby mamak which is literally at the back of my apartment.

so, i walk there with full grace like james bond did when he walk to the bar asking for his martini, i asked one mamak that i would like to have a PASEMBUR. the mamak ask me again what i want, and probably he didnt hear me clearly because whenever i woke up late, my voice automatically turn to bryan adam's voice u see, so i clear my throat and repeat my menu which is PASEMBUR.

like i have said something illegally to this mamak or perhaps i have insulted him, he gathered few of his co-worker and one of his co-worker asking me the same question and i replied with the same answer which is PASEMBUR.

the three mamaks now discussing to each other while staring at me like i'm a reincarnation of micheal jackson finally they all agreed to this one answer "NO, WE DON'T HAVE PASEMBUR HERE -ADEK HENSEM PERSIS JAMES BOND, TADDA LA PASEMBUR SINI" .

i'm about to turn into the horrifying magical creature from hutan kuala kangsar which is Diyana, but quickly came into my great sense of politeness and humble, i try to tell them that they have the menu because i can see it right there they have all the cucurs, taugeh, sengkuang and even the gravy from the pot.

they look at me again like i'm the obama's twin, and proudly said to me outloud "THAT'S ROJAK!"

for god sake, who's the real mamak here. me or them? don't they know that most of the mamak called the rojak-PASEMBUR!

moga tuhan membalas!

Monday, June 08, 2009

where am i?

to those who ever wondering where have i been gone for quite a long time: please do add me at facebook. most of the time i will be there. i will only update few posting here once in a blue moon and if the story need to be elaborated with full dramatic effects.

see u there!

Friday, June 05, 2009

Mas Kawin

bla bla bla long time no update here bla bla bla...here is the latest update.

friday, 5th june '09. two moms - diyana (not her real name) and bedah (her real name) go walkie-dee-walk at KLCC and stop at one jewellery shop. hours passing by, in the office diyana told one story of how she wanted to buy a ring as a memento from her Mas Kawin (dowry).

I asked her, why jewellery such as a ring? and she replied "duhai bani yg ensem lagi comel, kalau beli cincin dapatlah mengenang saat-saat perkahwinan bla bla bla. lagipun duit mas kawin hak pengantin pompuan dan tak best la kalau beli barang makanan etc..."

so my suggestion to her concluded from her explanation - wants something memorable and lasting forever are:
a) sijil simpanan premium
b) poultry
c) bon/investment

ok what!!!! be creative and innovative!

Monday, May 18, 2009

i can be featured in ripley's

phewwww, i feel like i havent been blogging for almost a year heh heh heh. sorry guys, lately i'm actively online on facebook 24hrs a day, 7 days a week! i'm addicted to it! but today, i feel i must tell you this particular story because as for myself, i still couldnt believe i done it!

you might wondering what it is? today, approximately at 6.45pm, I JOGGED! yes, jogged as in 'jogging' and i done it not in the form of brisk walk or running ala miki (azman and di's son), i was jogging around my neighborhood until 7.45pm.

you might say what's the big deal about it. in my case, me doing the jogging thingy with the full effort for an hour is just like micheal jackson singin zapin or carmen electra decided to wear jilbab to the oscar.

i dunno what makes me wanted to do it, but i just do it. now, i think i'm gonna die tonite. if u havent see me online on my fb or you havent heard any news about me after 9.45am tomorrow, please send a coroner, and please send my body to my kampung coz i might die tonite. i do feel like i'm gonna die. you should see me typing this blog and try my best to be online on fb! i literally nyawa-nyawa ikan or like my old kampung folks in britain should say- i'm soul-soul fish!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Untuk kesihatan secara menyeluruh / For your general health

Please visit / Sila lawati: www.kutunjuklangit.blogspot.com

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Thursday, April 16, 2009

why la why.....

this morning, with a full blast spirit and energy wanted to be early in the office was gone with the wind. i'm ready to take this world with my new clean shaven look, collapsed by a stupid fellow who hit my car. why oh why u did this to me. dont u know i left only months to pay the bank so the car will finally be mine after 7 years. i thought the car will be beautiful enough for me to keep for the rest of my life than u make it ugly. why?????

why u hit me few weeks before i renew my road tax, insurance etc...why?????? do u think i have enough money to fix the car even if it is for u, it's just a minor scratch! why after u hit me, u left like nothing was happened. why dont u stop after i followed u? yes i know the road is madly jam but whyyyy u didnt stop? i know u drove a very big car but can't u heard any screeching bumping noise like u was hitting something or u just plain stupid. yes, u did left me there.

and at that time i still in shock enough for me to forget what car u r driving and what color is your car, but my fingers work like magic managed to type your registration number and save it in sms draft.

and dont u know, u make me suffer today! i have to lodge a police report to an empty police station. by the time there was one officer asking how they can help me and he so shock when i greet him with assalamualaikum. i thought no one ever gave him salam. but the main reason because he think i'm chinese or probably non muslim. do i look non malay by shaving my face clean?

i have to wait long enough and to make u understand how long, i managed to poo poo twice in their officer's toilet accidentally ( i dont know officer do not share toilets with public). luckily a very cheerful mom like lady traffic officer is so friendly and very very understandable of my situation and condition heard my explanation and trying to calm me down and making me not so syahdu.

i wish i won the case so you can pay the summon and i can fix my car using your insurance. u but for that purpose, i have to leave my car at the workshop for a week. i'm not working 15 minutes walk from my home and i'm not working in putrajaya. the nearest lrt will take 5 hours if i walk there and fyi there is no bus to get there. and if i take the bus to my office, i have to go out the very same minute and hours with the rubber tapper. how could you do that to me?

until then, i hope u will be hit by a poo poo lorry and after i won the case i hope the same poo poo lorry will hit u again or u will hit the same lorry again...arrggggghhhh dem u

Sunday, April 12, 2009


aiman's mystery is solved. a happy and sad ending kind of conclusion. however, pemuda misteri yg berkaraoke di rumah aku masih lagi belum terjawab.....

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Lopak syahdu

inilah lopak yang hampir kering dan telah mensyahdukan aku jumaat lalu

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Saturday, April 04, 2009

The syahduest story

the syahduest story ever

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

me being me

i'm sick of the traffic jam on my way to and fro work. so today, i managed to find ways to reduce the risk of me getting older quickly or dying inside my car. what did i do?

1) i bet diyana love this! we all aware and notice and acknowledge that motorcyclist always annoying us on the road. they think that their mak bapak built the road (to the very well behave motorcyclist, please forgive me). i just dont understand why they couldnt que or go to the very end of the left lane (not on the emergency lane) and use that as their route. do not honk unnecessarily to tell that you want to pass in between cars. nasib la kan...who told u to mencelah.

so, as usual, the traffic jam always bad infront of ioi mall and from a distance there is one stupid mamat honking. well, me being me, i dont know why i'm so so annoyed tonite, i calculated the speed and distance of him and by the time he wanted to pass over me, i quickly block his way. and yes he shouted "oiii bodo ka" and yes i replied with no voice but for the first time ever i'm picking my nose in public and most importantly on the road and i'm showing my act right in front of him.

astagfirullahalazim....padan muka he deserved that from me! and i notice the car next to me showing me the thumb's up! and if the condition permits, i think she would give me a standing ovation hahahahahahaha

2) it will make you calm and happy trust me. whenever i hit the brake, will not move. easy to say i make my self as a robot or mannequin hahahahahahah. try this, you will feel very much happy throughout the jam. and i'm really looking forward for what pose i can do at the next stop keh keh keh

Friday, March 20, 2009

misteri hampir terungkai

today, aku sakit perut lagi...aduhhhh tension gile kari babas. last nite, managed to reach home a bit early right before maghrib. there, in front of my entrance stood two of my nosy neighbors. one was the aci and the other one was the ah so. they cornered me before i can reach my door safely.

ah so: ini hali balik ceepat aaaa

me: ya la...jalan talak jem

aci: susah mau tengok addek balik cepat

me: haa haa haaa
(laughing not very sincerely)

at this point, i'm thinking one brilliant question to ask them. they have live here since the opening of our apartment. and i ask them this question.

me: sebelum saya duduk ini rumah, ada brapa org sudah sini duduk?

they both speaking in unique language that i can hardly understand and the ah so answer my question. a very long answer. she definitely can make a movie out of it.

ah so: lu olang kedua duduk sini. dulu aaa....ada satu melayu family tinggal sini. dia ade lua olang anak. lua lua lelaki. the eldest aaa lebih kulang lu punya umur, 23 tahun (i kid u not with this answer). yg smallest enam atau tujuh taun. tapi manyak sedih ooo...itu eldest son aaa sulah mati dalam lu punya lumah oooo...heart attack la saya ingat. (ok....my whole body are shiverring) . tapi aaa...saya punya kawan ada celita. dia punya anak kelija itu kajang hospital, dia ada celita ini budak mati bukan heart attack, tapi kina calun.
me: calun? calun apa? ah so: haiiyaaaa...itu calun laaa...poison....

me: oooo racun (eventhough i'm shiverring, i managed to giggle)

ah so: itu kecik punya budak pulak ooo mati kina asma...tapi oooo sikit pelik, itu body aaa, dia punya familiy takde bawak balik ini lumah. dia kata aaaa, sulah antar kampung. tapi aaaa...saya punya sedala (banyak pulak la dia ni kaum yg bole jadi spy) celita aaaa...dekat kampung aaa...dia mana ada kampung. dua dua sini punya olang. talak tau la mana itu budak kecik dia sudah tanam...(hmmmm ok......i think i'm going to spend all my nites at my friend's)

then i received a call from fadli...but weirdly fadli didnt answer me....and he keeps on calling and calling and i ignored more enough to make both of my nosy neighbors irritated.

aci: angkat la itu call me: you sendiri tengok kan..saya angkat dia tak nak jawab

in my heart talking talking...pelik la plak mamat ni. and i look at my watch it's already 15 minutes past maghrib...erksss...my phone keep on ringing again and again eventhough i decline to take calls. it's ringing again and i notice....damn it was the alarm and i did fell asleep. it was all only a dream.

could it be a clue?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

mana aiman....

referring to the above title, start in your head the twilight zone's theme right now until the end of my posting.

i'm not well today, got cirit birit starting from 4am until 2pm lebih kurang. i lost all the fluid and got very hungry. i gather all my courage to step out the house to find food, not medicine or even go to the clinic.

when i step out the house, my neighbor (chinese aunty) pun step out from her house too.

aunty: aiii..ini hali talak keleja ka?

me: talak la aunty...sakit pelut

aunty: mana lu punya adik...atau lu punya anak....lu sudah kawin ka?

me: (so confuse tahap gaban...wtf) haaaaa...laki ka pelempuan aunty?

aunty: budak kicik, lelaki la...selalu pitang main lepan lumah....eman ooo nama lia 'eman'

me: oooo...sulah hantar kampung (and quickly went to the mamak right behind my apartment)

hmmmmm....if you remember my posting from my previous blog, is this story connected? first, 'he's' singing and come and go from my house sesuka hati, now 'he' got a kid. very advance la 'he is'. or do i have a twin that i cannot see????

now you may end the twilight zone's theme from your head...

Monday, March 16, 2009

jjcpl ke kg kkk (episod 1)

pada cuti menjelang sambutan malidur rasul yg lalu aku dengan bangganya telah memaksa 'mat seni' membawak aku balik ke kampungnya iaitu kg. air tawar, besut. bnyk citer nak citer tapi aku select among the best je nak bagitau kat sini.

on d way ke besut, kami singgah makan kat gerai yg mcm kat r&r tapi tak berapa meriah yg hanya beratapkan bumbung zink yg panas di kawasan gua musang serta menghidangkan masakan kampung penduduk kelantan. rasa masakan kat situ not bad tapi harganya masyallah......can die u know. bayangkan aku hanya makan nasi sepinggan, ikan kembung ada la besar dua jari, sayur takde, kuah senggang kosong dgn sepotong kecik telur dadar dan minum kopi ais. manakala mat seni makan sepinggan nasi, sikit ulam, sepotong ikan dari kuah senggang, semangkok sup perut yg tak berapa sedap serta teh o ais. kalau la menu mcm tu makan kat kedai belakang opis aku, mau kena paling mahal dalam rm14-15. tapi kat gua musang tu kitaorg kene ngam ngam 20 hengget. punya la aku terkejut beruk. rasa mcm nak bakar je kedai tu.

(selepas makan)
aku: gile babi tahap babi kene sawan babi mahalnye makan situ.....aku rasa nak bakar je kedai tu

mat seni: memang la mahal makan kat situ. aku dah pernah terkena. member aku berhenti makan kat situ pun kata mahal giler.

pada mulanya aku mmg la rasa nak marah kat tuan punya kedai, tapi selepas dialog ini, aku rasa nak karate tengkok mat seni sbb dia dah tau tempat tu mahal tapi dia bawak jugak aku makan kat situ...argggghhhhhhhhhhhh

Thursday, March 12, 2009

kegemaran ku

aku tak tau la...siang malam dok terngiang ngiang lagu dan karakter citer ni..best gak layan... wonder pets wonder pets kami datang hahahahahaha. enjoyyyyy

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Friday, February 27, 2009

i hate u diyana

i'm in kepala batas, penang rite now from yesterday until this coming monday. so last nite, got nothing to do, i go walkedie walk around my hotel and find out one corner full of fruit vendors. i look around and found one particular fruits. so, konon konon i want to be friendly with the vendor, i make la this conversation.

me: bukak sampai pukul brapa bang?

the vendor: ("apa ko peduli?"-dalam hatinya berkata kata) kalau dah takde org saya tutup la bang

me: (pointing at one particular fruit) ehhh...buah tu, saya tau. tu buah diyana

the vendor: haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa? (with a very confuse look)

me: ye la...rasa dia masam manis. buah diyana la tu

the vendor: abg datang dari mana?

me: puchong (with a very proud looking look)

the vendor: ooooo org kat puchong panggil ni buah diyana ye ( i can see he's trying not to laugh at me). kitaorg kat sini panggil buah setar ataupun kundang

me: (OMG...dem u diyana. once again u managed to corrupt my innocent mind) errr....a'ah...tu memang buah setar atau kundang heh heh heh....tadi kepala dok pikiaq benda lain.

dem u diyana. why la u always like to brainwash and corrupt my innocent mind. first, u make me confuse on how pregnant lady suppose to look like and now this buah kundang. tu la ...suka sangat sebut dan makan buah kundang depan aku....i hate u diyana. next time u preggie keep away from me huhuhuhu

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

i'm an Einstein?

few of my closest friends already knew this story. latest incident in my office bring back this old memory when i was in secondary school.

the flash back happened when one of my colleague asking where the hell was our weekly meeting file. seems nobody answering her, and my nature is to answer question instantly without even thinking whether the answer is right or wrong, i answered her. "farisha yang ambil..." i said. "huh...who the hell is farisha?" she ask me, " i donno" hahahahahahaha...there is no one name farisha in our office or in our putrajaya office. i just made it up since i dont like questions not to be answered.

when i was in secondary schools, 15 minutes before our math class is over, and it always at the end of school day; the legendary fierce math teacher always ask us to stand on the chair and answer his 'kali-kali' or 'darab'. whoever fail to answer him, will stand on the chair until 30 minutes the school is over. so, me being me, i always managed to answer his deadly kali kali question whether my answer is right or wrong. i just raise my hand, answer his question and walk out the class. 99.9% of his question i never answer it right. i always managed to get out from the class with the same method. at that time, i wonder how he's not knowing that i answered him wrong. now i knew, he probably just killing his own time, or he may find that i'm annoying him hahahahahaha

Thursday, February 19, 2009

bodo dan bab1

hang ingat hang baguih dan chantek sangat?????? aku tanya hang pagi-pagi korang jawab dgn bongkak dan sombong bodo. aku mintak korang tolong aku korang bagi alasan macam-macam. ari ni korang pulak mintak aku tolong buat keje kuli korang. korang ingat, aku kuli korang? korang dgn aku sapa besar lagi? tapi nasib baik la aku bukan jenis bodo macam korang, aku tolong jugak buat sbb walaupun mulut aku ni macam puaka pulau pisang, tapi hati aku ni baik dan aku ni masih lagi ada sifat perikemanusiaan.

kalau macam ni la perangai korang, tiba masa kalau tapak kaki aku masuk dalam mulut korang, korang jangan menyesal.

p/s this posting is not intended to my dearly frens (you know who u are)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


if u love your child dearly, please be aware of this man. do not let him near your child or he will bore your child to a very frightening nightmares with his never ending slow phase story telling skills. don't said that i dont remind you guys...

Friday, February 13, 2009

i'm a role model?

first of all, dont get confused with this posting. i know i'm not perfect and i'm nobody. and i do not having any intention to participate in the america's, canada's, britain's and australia's next top model.

back from work yesterday, in the lrt; as usual pack with passengers. right at salak selatan's station, inside of the lrt becoming more spacious for me and others to breath. i was busy smsing until one form 1 student (i think) come a bit closer to me. i noticed he was staring right at me and my handphone. i dont even bother with what he was doing until the lrt come to reach bandar tun razak.

"handsomely great looking bro, i'm sorry to bother you. why u taking this lrt. by looking at you, you should have a driver and be in the limo right now or perhaps maybe if u dont have a driver, you sould drive your own latest BMW - and the BM conversation from this kid was : abg, lawa la henfon. nanti saya besar nak keje la mcm abg. nanti bole aaa pakai henfon mcm abg"

i was so stunt at that time. i wish i could reply to him "dek...ko jgn jadi mcm abg. nanti ko menyesal. baik ko belajar rajin rajin dan jadi la org lain. ko tak tau apa bala malapetaka yg melanda abg dek oiiii....baik ko tarik balik kata-kata ko tu" instead i replied to him as any normal human being "adik belajar rajin-rajin, sekolah pandai pandai nanti keje lagi baik dari abg adik bole dapat dan bole lagi beli henfon lagi canggih"

the boy smile happily like i was giving him RM1000.00 in cash. he got down and waving at me. what a ride!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

16 things i am forced by diyana to let the world know about me

referring to the title, i have to tell you guys 16 things u need or need not to know about me. (dem u diyana, dem dem dem)

1) when i was 6-14yo, i must eat white rice with kicap tamin and fried egg for lunch. if i dont have it, i will burn the whole kampung

2) i have been hospitalized for 3 days without the whole family knew about it. they just assumed i'm with my penyangak frens participating in our usual missions. it was a week before SRP

3) i was a tough kid with no tears coming out from my eyes even when my grandpa (he's a kap lam ya nga decendent with british army rules) beat me with his rattan tongkat kaki tiga or with a hard leather belt. but now, i'm a cry baby when my heart been broken by........

4) if u dont have any money or luxury things to give me, just take me to any great restaurant or cook me a perfect meal. that will do

5) i'm a baby/lil kid's love-hate magent. they will either love me or hate me for no reason

6) if u r nicer to me, i will be nicerestest to u har har har. if u f****d me, be ready to face me as a very evil demon

7) when i'm out and u see me, do say hi to me. i didnt notice anybody i knew out there coz i always mind my own path and business

8) when i have nothing better to do, i always dreaming wheter i'm a successful and rich actor or a surgeon

9) i'm a good cook

10) if u want me to curse u happily, by all means please suprise me or cucuk my waist. my favorite cursing word is rhyme with 'pantai'

11) i hate back stabbers

12) i was naib johan pertandingan azan in perak (kategori sekolah agama rakyat) when i was 8 years old. and the only debate candidate to represent my school.

13) i always love when people say that i dont look like what is written in my DOB. u will definitely see my hidung just like the jelapang toll's tunnel

14) i like watching HSM 1, 2 and 3 for my guilty pleasure heh heh heh

15) i dont like talking and be too close to others from 7-10am coz i'm not comfortable with my own and others morning breath

16) finally....the last thing u need to know....mmmmmm i can count on diyana and azman to supply me with kegirangan orang turki hahahahaha. i love kegirangan org turki

Monday, February 09, 2009

video klip jiwa kacau

when i'm berjiwa kacau, this will happen...tengok sampai abis kalau berani. if u got a weak heart, do not try to view this clip!

wednesday the 4th, what a day.....

i will definitely remember that day, Wednesday 4th of February 2009. traffic was very bad . i reached my area right after maghrib and shock to find that a few km away from my place, the jam was very bad. i was tired and waiting for my turn to pass the last traffic light. i was on the right lane but from 500m away, i could see that there are a lot of people gathering at the traffic light. but i couldnt see it very clear coz it's already dark.

as i was approaching the traffic light, i was shock to find that people were squatting down next to the traffic light basically hovering the right lane, so i quickly take the left lane to avoid hitting them and shock to see one youngster facing the other way, laying on the road with a pool of blood coming from his head. and, there is a pakcik shouting to him our all mighty's name and the shadah to the boy. i was only few centimetres away to hit them and if i do go out from the car, definitely i will step down on the blood pool.

my head feel very dizzy. i rush immediately to my home but feel hungry, stop for a while at my favorite burger stall but it took me nearly 7-8 minutes just to park my car on the perfectly empty big spaces parking lot. i couldnt think straight. probably still shock seeing too many blood.

while waiting for my burger i felt that there are 'someone' watching me from behind. i turn back and there is no body. got my burger and went straight home but still have that feeling that someone is watching and following me.

got down the car, i am definitely sure that someone is behind me. i turn my back but there was nobody. i feel kinda weird like gonna catch a fever. when i opened my front door, i can see from the corner of my eyes, there is someone watching at me but i couldnt figure out who he is. so i let him be...

as soon as i went in. my tummy feel weird. i got to go to the loo ASAP coz it is signed i have a bad diarhea. and yes i did. but not only that, i was vommiting at the same time with the diarhea disperse from tuuuut. it happened every 10-15 minutes. i couldnt sit straight, couldnt walk and couldnt talk. i sms my dad about what happened and he quickly called me and said "ada bawak sapa balik rumah?" huhhhh??? i was really doesnt know what he was saying, and then he explain again "ada ke sapa sapa yg ikut balik? dia tegur la tu" oooooo that was the thing that make me sick or maybe it just a coincident.

as i lay flat on the floor with no energy at all, i sms my colleage Raha (nice single female-plz contact me for details hahahahaha) to bring me some bread and 100plus. and she did. i would definitely die with no fluid in my body if raha did not turn up.

the pain and miserable end up right after subuh prayer, but the diarhea still continue until today...

Monday, February 02, 2009

during bday cimiki

this is really what happened during cimiki's bday......just click the pic for clearer pic and dialogue. i'm soriiiiiii hahahahahahaha

Sunday, February 01, 2009

my long holiday sucks!

yup..my long holiday is sucks! tomorrow going to be the last day of the long holiday. but, i dont wanna go to work either. what i'm gonna do?

since i dont have anything better to do tonite, i present to u again my sis wedding pic. this time kinda complete event from nikah, majlis bersanding to majlis bersanding ala ala omputeh.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

attention all single ladies

am currently producing the solo version of the vid. caution: it may causing u vomiting blood or u may even remain single for the rest of your life hahahahaha.

wait for its debut soon!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

must watch

aku suka gile video ni

cny holiday

for the first time ever, i'm not gonna elaborate what happened during the CNY holidays. feel free to ask on each pics or make up your own story. why i'm not gonna blabbing about the holidays? coz at the end i will feel sad. however, my handphone produce a very good quality pics compares to other brand of handphone har har har.....