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Friday, February 13, 2009

i'm a role model?

first of all, dont get confused with this posting. i know i'm not perfect and i'm nobody. and i do not having any intention to participate in the america's, canada's, britain's and australia's next top model.

back from work yesterday, in the lrt; as usual pack with passengers. right at salak selatan's station, inside of the lrt becoming more spacious for me and others to breath. i was busy smsing until one form 1 student (i think) come a bit closer to me. i noticed he was staring right at me and my handphone. i dont even bother with what he was doing until the lrt come to reach bandar tun razak.

"handsomely great looking bro, i'm sorry to bother you. why u taking this lrt. by looking at you, you should have a driver and be in the limo right now or perhaps maybe if u dont have a driver, you sould drive your own latest BMW - and the BM conversation from this kid was : abg, lawa la henfon. nanti saya besar nak keje la mcm abg. nanti bole aaa pakai henfon mcm abg"

i was so stunt at that time. i wish i could reply to him "dek...ko jgn jadi mcm abg. nanti ko menyesal. baik ko belajar rajin rajin dan jadi la org lain. ko tak tau apa bala malapetaka yg melanda abg dek oiiii....baik ko tarik balik kata-kata ko tu" instead i replied to him as any normal human being "adik belajar rajin-rajin, sekolah pandai pandai nanti keje lagi baik dari abg adik bole dapat dan bole lagi beli henfon lagi canggih"

the boy smile happily like i was giving him RM1000.00 in cash. he got down and waving at me. what a ride!


  1. seorang abang yang baik akan kata begitu...ahhhhh..sungguh menyentuh perasaan!! =P kepeh kepeh kepeh

  2. komen hang mengingatkan aku lagu "pagi yg gelap, kini suda terang"

  3. banyaknya maksud tersirat huhu

    i'm sure it make u feel good to see how ur able to inspire a kiddo kan

  4. Accidentally inspired to be exact hahahahahaha

  5. accidental or not tell me, how many incidents in ur daily life can actually make u feel motivated or inspired...

    bagi depressed lagi adala...