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Thursday, February 12, 2009

16 things i am forced by diyana to let the world know about me

referring to the title, i have to tell you guys 16 things u need or need not to know about me. (dem u diyana, dem dem dem)

1) when i was 6-14yo, i must eat white rice with kicap tamin and fried egg for lunch. if i dont have it, i will burn the whole kampung

2) i have been hospitalized for 3 days without the whole family knew about it. they just assumed i'm with my penyangak frens participating in our usual missions. it was a week before SRP

3) i was a tough kid with no tears coming out from my eyes even when my grandpa (he's a kap lam ya nga decendent with british army rules) beat me with his rattan tongkat kaki tiga or with a hard leather belt. but now, i'm a cry baby when my heart been broken by........

4) if u dont have any money or luxury things to give me, just take me to any great restaurant or cook me a perfect meal. that will do

5) i'm a baby/lil kid's love-hate magent. they will either love me or hate me for no reason

6) if u r nicer to me, i will be nicerestest to u har har har. if u f****d me, be ready to face me as a very evil demon

7) when i'm out and u see me, do say hi to me. i didnt notice anybody i knew out there coz i always mind my own path and business

8) when i have nothing better to do, i always dreaming wheter i'm a successful and rich actor or a surgeon

9) i'm a good cook

10) if u want me to curse u happily, by all means please suprise me or cucuk my waist. my favorite cursing word is rhyme with 'pantai'

11) i hate back stabbers

12) i was naib johan pertandingan azan in perak (kategori sekolah agama rakyat) when i was 8 years old. and the only debate candidate to represent my school.

13) i always love when people say that i dont look like what is written in my DOB. u will definitely see my hidung just like the jelapang toll's tunnel

14) i like watching HSM 1, 2 and 3 for my guilty pleasure heh heh heh

15) i dont like talking and be too close to others from 7-10am coz i'm not comfortable with my own and others morning breath

16) finally....the last thing u need to know....mmmmmm i can count on diyana and azman to supply me with kegirangan orang turki hahahahaha. i love kegirangan org turki


  1. 1. for no 7, please say hi to bani when u see him out there sebab bani mata pote aka rabun hahah bukanlah pasai dia melayan perasaan heheh

    2. Bani, kenapakah hang nak jadi surgeon?

    3. Bani cuba-cubalh bawak kurang guna perkataan 'pantai' tu, panaih telinga aku

    4. wow, johan pertandingan azan??? aku hanya blh terngiang lagu lagu bulan ramadhan hang tu saja... debat? mmg la sakit jiwa layan cakap hang...

    5. HSM tu apa?? aku ingat BDSM tadi

    sekian terima kasih


  2. maleh nak jawab komen hang sbb panjang sangat

  3. emmm...farah!! kurangkan yang biru tu..isk isk isk =P

  4. ntah ferod ni...haru biru kuning pemikiran dia nih

  5. eleh aku tau la hang tu...
    latah pun nak luc... huhuhu
    wei HSM tu sapa? takkan house kot??

  6. cari la sendiri kat google lalalala

  7. ko tetinggal 1 la beb.... PARTY POOPER!!!!! hehehehe