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Friday, September 04, 2009

Not your average garage

I’m so glad that my colleague kak ani shares the same quality with me when it comes to perfection. When i’m looking into stuffs such as clothes and gifts, no matter what the cost are, it’s the quality, design and its looks count the most. And of course, kak ani have excellent decision making in choosing stuffs that going to be appreciated.

She’s one of the fine lady who talk the talk and walk the walk. In conclusion for example, if you have fashion disaster or don’t know what to do with the item you buy as a gift, kak ani is there to save the day (trust me). And referring to this statement, It’s good to know, kak ani and her partner have opened a boutique which offers her talents. she’s so lucky her partner kak aiza posses equal quality as kak ani.

Recently, I wanted to give baby clothes to my friend and of course i bought it from kak ani and i even trust her to pick one pretty dress for me. She done it so well and she even throw me one idea which was to pack the dress as a gift which i never would think of how to do it. I agreed with her and as a token of appreciation, she sponsored me the packaging which i think it’s simple and brilliant!

The gratitude and happy expression from my friend when she received my gift was a Kodak moment. It shows that my gift is perfect. Once again thanks to kak ani and i hope she will excel in her business together with her partner.


  1. perghhh aku rasa mmg tak aci la hang dapat special treatment dr garage!!! apsal aku beli baju untuk alia tak dapat balut2 pun???? keji la hang...

    cpt beli slr, aku nak gi camwhore kat garage pastu blog.. heheheh

  2. lalalalalalala...mungkin alia tak secomel dhea. bukan lagi mungkin, mmg pasti alia tak secomel dhea tu sbb dia tak dapat special treatment ngeh ngeh ngeh

  3. tima kasih uncle bani,baju laura ashley tuh memang tiut and best----nih dhea cakap bisik2 kat aku masa pagi raya hari tuh


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