waktu untukNya

Monday, June 29, 2009

moga tuhan membalas

last sunday, i was up at 12noon and my raging tummy urgently need to be fed. i have eaten all kind of wonder foods for the past week so i kinda in puzzle on what i'm going to have that afternoon. resulting from my laziness to venture out more than 500m from my home, i decided to have pasembur from the nearby mamak which is literally at the back of my apartment.

so, i walk there with full grace like james bond did when he walk to the bar asking for his martini, i asked one mamak that i would like to have a PASEMBUR. the mamak ask me again what i want, and probably he didnt hear me clearly because whenever i woke up late, my voice automatically turn to bryan adam's voice u see, so i clear my throat and repeat my menu which is PASEMBUR.

like i have said something illegally to this mamak or perhaps i have insulted him, he gathered few of his co-worker and one of his co-worker asking me the same question and i replied with the same answer which is PASEMBUR.

the three mamaks now discussing to each other while staring at me like i'm a reincarnation of micheal jackson finally they all agreed to this one answer "NO, WE DON'T HAVE PASEMBUR HERE -ADEK HENSEM PERSIS JAMES BOND, TADDA LA PASEMBUR SINI" .

i'm about to turn into the horrifying magical creature from hutan kuala kangsar which is Diyana, but quickly came into my great sense of politeness and humble, i try to tell them that they have the menu because i can see it right there they have all the cucurs, taugeh, sengkuang and even the gravy from the pot.

they look at me again like i'm the obama's twin, and proudly said to me outloud "THAT'S ROJAK!"

for god sake, who's the real mamak here. me or them? don't they know that most of the mamak called the rojak-PASEMBUR!

moga tuhan membalas!

Monday, June 08, 2009

where am i?

to those who ever wondering where have i been gone for quite a long time: please do add me at facebook. most of the time i will be there. i will only update few posting here once in a blue moon and if the story need to be elaborated with full dramatic effects.

see u there!

Friday, June 05, 2009

Mas Kawin

bla bla bla long time no update here bla bla bla...here is the latest update.

friday, 5th june '09. two moms - diyana (not her real name) and bedah (her real name) go walkie-dee-walk at KLCC and stop at one jewellery shop. hours passing by, in the office diyana told one story of how she wanted to buy a ring as a memento from her Mas Kawin (dowry).

I asked her, why jewellery such as a ring? and she replied "duhai bani yg ensem lagi comel, kalau beli cincin dapatlah mengenang saat-saat perkahwinan bla bla bla. lagipun duit mas kawin hak pengantin pompuan dan tak best la kalau beli barang makanan etc..."

so my suggestion to her concluded from her explanation - wants something memorable and lasting forever are:
a) sijil simpanan premium
b) poultry
c) bon/investment

ok what!!!! be creative and innovative!