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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

me being me

i'm sick of the traffic jam on my way to and fro work. so today, i managed to find ways to reduce the risk of me getting older quickly or dying inside my car. what did i do?

1) i bet diyana love this! we all aware and notice and acknowledge that motorcyclist always annoying us on the road. they think that their mak bapak built the road (to the very well behave motorcyclist, please forgive me). i just dont understand why they couldnt que or go to the very end of the left lane (not on the emergency lane) and use that as their route. do not honk unnecessarily to tell that you want to pass in between cars. nasib la kan...who told u to mencelah.

so, as usual, the traffic jam always bad infront of ioi mall and from a distance there is one stupid mamat honking. well, me being me, i dont know why i'm so so annoyed tonite, i calculated the speed and distance of him and by the time he wanted to pass over me, i quickly block his way. and yes he shouted "oiii bodo ka" and yes i replied with no voice but for the first time ever i'm picking my nose in public and most importantly on the road and i'm showing my act right in front of him.

astagfirullahalazim....padan muka he deserved that from me! and i notice the car next to me showing me the thumb's up! and if the condition permits, i think she would give me a standing ovation hahahahahahaha

2) it will make you calm and happy trust me. whenever i hit the brake, will not move. easy to say i make my self as a robot or mannequin hahahahahahah. try this, you will feel very much happy throughout the jam. and i'm really looking forward for what pose i can do at the next stop keh keh keh


  1. kenape aku begitu lapar pepagi ni?! hurh..?! =P

  2. jangan sebut laparrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  3. kira ni posting tribute kat hang la.....

  4. aku tak paham la bani?? hang korek idung in public???

    hmmm gila ka soh static cam robot??? kalau kaki hang gatai ka, or mana2 tempat gatai ka, takkan taknak garu?? ka aku yg salah paham

  5. kalau kaki hang gatai tahan la...atau garu jap, pastu sambung la balik

  6. Uuu..UUU...aku lapaq lagi la pepagi ni!! =P

  7. huhuhu bani, kalau ada org lain kat dalam keta hang buat tak lagu tu?

  8. dun pick ur nose infront of me k bro!
    i very the geli :)