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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

i'm an Einstein?

few of my closest friends already knew this story. latest incident in my office bring back this old memory when i was in secondary school.

the flash back happened when one of my colleague asking where the hell was our weekly meeting file. seems nobody answering her, and my nature is to answer question instantly without even thinking whether the answer is right or wrong, i answered her. "farisha yang ambil..." i said. "huh...who the hell is farisha?" she ask me, " i donno" hahahahahahaha...there is no one name farisha in our office or in our putrajaya office. i just made it up since i dont like questions not to be answered.

when i was in secondary schools, 15 minutes before our math class is over, and it always at the end of school day; the legendary fierce math teacher always ask us to stand on the chair and answer his 'kali-kali' or 'darab'. whoever fail to answer him, will stand on the chair until 30 minutes the school is over. so, me being me, i always managed to answer his deadly kali kali question whether my answer is right or wrong. i just raise my hand, answer his question and walk out the class. 99.9% of his question i never answer it right. i always managed to get out from the class with the same method. at that time, i wonder how he's not knowing that i answered him wrong. now i knew, he probably just killing his own time, or he may find that i'm annoying him hahahahahaha


  1. emm emm..tapi farisha tu nama anak menakan aku!!..hang main tuduh2 ek?!! ha ha ha...tapi cikgu aku dia tak suruh kuar...kena ketuk ngan pembaris kayu kuning yg sepanjang satu meter itu..!! Uuu..Uu..sungguh kejam sekali.. =P kepeh kepeh

  2. suka la aku nak sebut nama sapa pun. hang mmg patut pun kena tibai dgn pembaris

  3. bani, adakah rambut2 hang kerinting di mana jua muahahahahahahah

  4. aaauuuuummmmm!!! aku tak boleh teka sebab nanti terimagine hahahah