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Monday, February 09, 2009

wednesday the 4th, what a day.....

i will definitely remember that day, Wednesday 4th of February 2009. traffic was very bad . i reached my area right after maghrib and shock to find that a few km away from my place, the jam was very bad. i was tired and waiting for my turn to pass the last traffic light. i was on the right lane but from 500m away, i could see that there are a lot of people gathering at the traffic light. but i couldnt see it very clear coz it's already dark.

as i was approaching the traffic light, i was shock to find that people were squatting down next to the traffic light basically hovering the right lane, so i quickly take the left lane to avoid hitting them and shock to see one youngster facing the other way, laying on the road with a pool of blood coming from his head. and, there is a pakcik shouting to him our all mighty's name and the shadah to the boy. i was only few centimetres away to hit them and if i do go out from the car, definitely i will step down on the blood pool.

my head feel very dizzy. i rush immediately to my home but feel hungry, stop for a while at my favorite burger stall but it took me nearly 7-8 minutes just to park my car on the perfectly empty big spaces parking lot. i couldnt think straight. probably still shock seeing too many blood.

while waiting for my burger i felt that there are 'someone' watching me from behind. i turn back and there is no body. got my burger and went straight home but still have that feeling that someone is watching and following me.

got down the car, i am definitely sure that someone is behind me. i turn my back but there was nobody. i feel kinda weird like gonna catch a fever. when i opened my front door, i can see from the corner of my eyes, there is someone watching at me but i couldnt figure out who he is. so i let him be...

as soon as i went in. my tummy feel weird. i got to go to the loo ASAP coz it is signed i have a bad diarhea. and yes i did. but not only that, i was vommiting at the same time with the diarhea disperse from tuuuut. it happened every 10-15 minutes. i couldnt sit straight, couldnt walk and couldnt talk. i sms my dad about what happened and he quickly called me and said "ada bawak sapa balik rumah?" huhhhh??? i was really doesnt know what he was saying, and then he explain again "ada ke sapa sapa yg ikut balik? dia tegur la tu" oooooo that was the thing that make me sick or maybe it just a coincident.

as i lay flat on the floor with no energy at all, i sms my colleage Raha (nice single female-plz contact me for details hahahahaha) to bring me some bread and 100plus. and she did. i would definitely die with no fluid in my body if raha did not turn up.

the pain and miserable end up right after subuh prayer, but the diarhea still continue until today...


  1. Hang ni memang magnet hantu la...
    aku dah agak dah.. nasib la hang pi lalu kat situ
    eee cam jgn pandang belakang la pulak...
    sib baikla benda tu didnt show itself 2 u kan..
    now hang ok dah ka. thanks to kak raha to the rescue hehe

    and besides, awat budak lelaki over sangat takut darah???

  2. aku tak takut darah laaa...aku cuma tak pernah tengok darah sebanyak itu. siap membuih buih. malam itu juga aku dengan detail pi citer kat diyana sbb aku tak pernah tengok darah mcm tu punya banyak gila

  3. kalau hang biasa tgk cerita supernatural hang akan biasa

    darah membuih?? eeeee scarry

  4. apa kena mengena hantu dengan berak cirit? aku rasa burger hang makan tu basi la...

  5. aku tak makan pun burger tu diyana

    ferod, aku pernah tengok org beranak dpn mata aku. aku cool je. tapi kali ni ntah le

  6. uik sapa la pi beranak depan hang???
    awat ur dad said ada kena mengena dgn cirit

    takkan all these while aku slalu cirit on the same reason??

  7. tgk la keadaan cirit hang tu mcmana. kalau cirit biasa dan mmg tau makan salah tu lain citer la. ni ujan takde, ribut takde. pastu terus cirit dgn muntah skali harung tu something very the wrong le

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  9. amik ko hahaha segala tok nenek kolon cleaning lagi haha

    manala tau aku pun jadi magnet menda2 tu sebab aku rajin stayback

  10. hahahahaha..smpt lagi ada org nak promote hahahahahahaha.

    thanks david

  11. apa kena mengena cirit dgn bathroom sprayer?? bukannya maakan kt dalam bathroom pun huhu

  12. BANI!!! aku rasa sbb ko lalu kat situ la budak tu meninggal... tekejut tgk ko!!! sbb tu dia ikut ko balik... dia nak kasik tau ko yg kalu ko ikut sume org lalu kat lane belah kanan, mesti dia x mati.....

  13. ..emm darah budak tu banyak sabun ke? tu sebab berbuih...!! Uuu..Uu..innalillahiwai'na ilaihirojiun..

  14. ada pun si DENpasar moon nih. ingatkan dah tak reti masuk blog aku.....hawau yu den

    nize, mungkin juga dia banyak buat bubbling