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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

not kuih raya and not even duit raya (to me)

Before you read any further, please do not judge me based on this post.

Today, I received a nice thick mail consist of beautiful raya’s card from the Foot and Mouth Painting Artist Sdn. Bhd. I was so impressed with their beautiful paintings just using only their foot and mouth of course. And I did think what a great way to showcase and promote their talents.

As I read through the letter attached with the card, my mood was totally gone and I kind of shock. I was shocked with these sentences “Saya telah membuat keputusan akan membayar harga kad-kad yang diterima =rm33.00” and in another attached letter “anda juga tidak diwajibkan untuk membeli tetapi pembelian anda dapat menyara hidup kami”.

Aren’t this supposed to be the way of helping those really talented special people nowadays? Aren’t this is some sort like dirty marketing scheme toying with our sincere and kind heart? How about if this mail arrived to someone who really have a soft heart or a cruel and rude people.

To me, this latest marketing strategy is simply about persuasive and playing with our sympathy. If this company really genuinely wants to help its member, I think, what should they do is to advertise their work, send out pamphlets/brochure etc, put on a website or open a small stalls in any major supermarket. Not with this kind of trick.

I never purchased any raya’s card not because I am stingy or what so ever, it’s because since I’m working, my company always supplies me with enough free raya’s card. So why I should waste some money buying raya’s card. It’s part of me trying to save every single cents I could.

And if I do decided to take or not this special card, imagine the trouble I have to take. Have to go to the post office and as if like all of us going to the post office same as we are going to the shopping mall and god knows how I hate going to the post office because of their service and the long queue. At least, nowadays with internet banking, they should register with any online banking for easier payment.

I wonder who their marketing and promotion people. Don’t they suppose to have brilliant ideas if they do sincerely want to help this company? And should they think about the price. It’s RM4 for normal card size? It’s expensive. It’s printed for god sake and it’s not handmade.

So, if any of you guys want to purchase these cards, please do let me know. And if no one interested within a week, then sadly I have to return them back. Not because I don’t want to help them or any people who indeed need helps, it’s simply because I don’t need these cards. I know my part and I have done my part.

I wonder from where they get my full name and full address. To me, it’s kind of invading my privacy because I never signed up on any promotional mail that I don’t want to.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

please forgive me

i have been abandoned my own blog since i have been actively online in facebook. i do rindu rinduan to my blog and my so called lovely readers but what to do, all my updates and my stories has been featured in my blog.

so today, since no more facebook in da office, i will berkampung again in here and hoping that you guys still willing to haunt my blog.