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Thursday, April 16, 2009

why la why.....

this morning, with a full blast spirit and energy wanted to be early in the office was gone with the wind. i'm ready to take this world with my new clean shaven look, collapsed by a stupid fellow who hit my car. why oh why u did this to me. dont u know i left only months to pay the bank so the car will finally be mine after 7 years. i thought the car will be beautiful enough for me to keep for the rest of my life than u make it ugly. why?????

why u hit me few weeks before i renew my road tax, insurance etc...why?????? do u think i have enough money to fix the car even if it is for u, it's just a minor scratch! why after u hit me, u left like nothing was happened. why dont u stop after i followed u? yes i know the road is madly jam but whyyyy u didnt stop? i know u drove a very big car but can't u heard any screeching bumping noise like u was hitting something or u just plain stupid. yes, u did left me there.

and at that time i still in shock enough for me to forget what car u r driving and what color is your car, but my fingers work like magic managed to type your registration number and save it in sms draft.

and dont u know, u make me suffer today! i have to lodge a police report to an empty police station. by the time there was one officer asking how they can help me and he so shock when i greet him with assalamualaikum. i thought no one ever gave him salam. but the main reason because he think i'm chinese or probably non muslim. do i look non malay by shaving my face clean?

i have to wait long enough and to make u understand how long, i managed to poo poo twice in their officer's toilet accidentally ( i dont know officer do not share toilets with public). luckily a very cheerful mom like lady traffic officer is so friendly and very very understandable of my situation and condition heard my explanation and trying to calm me down and making me not so syahdu.

i wish i won the case so you can pay the summon and i can fix my car using your insurance. u but for that purpose, i have to leave my car at the workshop for a week. i'm not working 15 minutes walk from my home and i'm not working in putrajaya. the nearest lrt will take 5 hours if i walk there and fyi there is no bus to get there. and if i take the bus to my office, i have to go out the very same minute and hours with the rubber tapper. how could you do that to me?

until then, i hope u will be hit by a poo poo lorry and after i won the case i hope the same poo poo lorry will hit u again or u will hit the same lorry again...arrggggghhhh dem u


  1. kenapa lorry teik??? huhuhu senget la hang
    anyway, let the driver pay for the devastation caused

  2. i had my car smashed n crashed few weeks ago too, bro - hit n run!
    i hope the moron choked n peed blood!

  3. eee kesian kat bani kan. jahatnyer mamat tu. i pun ada org langgar kete i that day. disebabkan sikit punya pasal, nak kena tinggal kete kat workshop for 3 days. leceh kan. anyway i hope you get to claim from his insurance soon.

    p/s - u look better with new clean shaven image.

  4. Uuu..Uu...macam madu 3 je...kena langgaq lori tahikkkk!...kesiannnnn..Ooooo...kesiannnn =P kepeh kepeh kepeh

  5. Bee... smashed, and crashed??? my oh my... sorry to hear that..
    eintanz, i elok2 park my black wira and some idiot which parked next to mine ni dapat lesen terbang ka apa pun tak tau, what i know bila i nak balik keja i tgk pitu blakang keta i calaq, my car is black and its obvious. siot je
    nize: yg lori teik tu tipu je la (dlm cita pramlee tu)

  6. my dear sis, let's hope the drive drink his/her own blooded pee. sis, add me lar at FB..sombong

    intan, i love your ps very much aha aha aha (diyana mesti muntah darah sebakol). tension kan, pasal diaorg kita plak nak kene kuarantinkan keter kat bengkel for days. kalau aku kaya bnyk keter takpe la jugak

    nize, kesian pun tak guna...hang tolong la cat keter aku. bnyk pahala tu. hang jgn lupa isi minyak ye...dua je lagi tinggal

    ferod, jom pi jumpa bomoh siam. kita buat style 'jgn tegur'

  7. ala bani if aku pi jumpa bomoh siam pasai nak kasik aku kurus la,... eh blh ke dia buat hahahah

  8. wuhu abg bani hemsem. (mungkinkah saya akan menyesal seumur hidup setelah menulis ayat ini?!)

    haha selamba mintak kena langgaq ngan lori taik~

  9. ayaq, oh no sesungguhnya dikau mmg akan nyesal menutur ayat itu...

  10. ayaq, tiada apa yg perlu disesalkan aha aha aha...

    ferod, bomoh siam mungkin bole bagi hang kurus. tapi maybe it will take times and all the hantu in the world to help u to kurus aha aha aha

  11. cheh. amboi. nak kena. baru ingat nak belanja hang old town. tarik balik huhuh