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Monday, May 18, 2009

i can be featured in ripley's

phewwww, i feel like i havent been blogging for almost a year heh heh heh. sorry guys, lately i'm actively online on facebook 24hrs a day, 7 days a week! i'm addicted to it! but today, i feel i must tell you this particular story because as for myself, i still couldnt believe i done it!

you might wondering what it is? today, approximately at 6.45pm, I JOGGED! yes, jogged as in 'jogging' and i done it not in the form of brisk walk or running ala miki (azman and di's son), i was jogging around my neighborhood until 7.45pm.

you might say what's the big deal about it. in my case, me doing the jogging thingy with the full effort for an hour is just like micheal jackson singin zapin or carmen electra decided to wear jilbab to the oscar.

i dunno what makes me wanted to do it, but i just do it. now, i think i'm gonna die tonite. if u havent see me online on my fb or you havent heard any news about me after 9.45am tomorrow, please send a coroner, and please send my body to my kampung coz i might die tonite. i do feel like i'm gonna die. you should see me typing this blog and try my best to be online on fb! i literally nyawa-nyawa ikan or like my old kampung folks in britain should say- i'm soul-soul fish!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

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