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Friday, September 04, 2009

Image Catcher

I always have passion towards taking beautiful photos and i appreciate and admire beautiful photos taken by others. I have been developing my skills and i'm proud of myself and some of my photos taken are appreciated by my friends and it really means the world to me. I am now trying to perfecting my skills and savings all cents and ringgits just to get me a decent camera.

few of my friends advised me to go for any classes available but i don't think there is a need. why? because i don't want to be influenced by others. i want all photos taken by me portrays the most natural condition and it tell stories. I will edit all my photos using normal editing process such as brightness, contrast, blur etc but totally no fancy photoshop editing. why? because i want it to be natural and not kind of fake beauty in my photos. Few photographers that i know feeling the same way too because they are afraid that i lost my ‘touch’ in every photos. That's why i dont want to go to any photography classes. the one class that i wanna go is the want that teach me how to use the camera setting efficiently in order to capture every images in its natural condition and environment.

frankly, i dont want to be called a photographer because a photographer is a professional and amateur people who dedicated fully themselves on photography as a profession or hobby, while i just love to capture every images which have wonderful aspects in it. I would rather like to be called ‘Image Catcher’. Here are some photos which i’m very proud of.